Liquid Parts Ways with FLUFFNSTUFF – Surprise Level 0

Things haven’t been going well in the Liquid stables for a while now with recent results being abysmally bad and team moral shown to be at an all time low. Liquid`Nazgul, team manager for Liquid, has confirmed today in a short blog post that the team has parted ways with Brian “FLUFFNSTUFF” Lee. This is probably of no surprise to many, after all, recent blog posts by FLUFFNSTUFF, here, have shown that the team has had a struggle for leadership and that internal chemistry was nowhere near optimal. The post was shortly followed by an Apology, but it seems that the damage was done and the family feud became too public. Recent results have also been disappointing and further show the rift and lack of teamwork within the team. The following is the announcement as given by Liquid`Nazgul:

[blockquote]It’s with great sadness that we say goodbye to FLUFF today. It was never strictly about results, however play and team dynamic also have not been as good as we would have needed it to be. After evaluating the situation with the rest of the team we have come to the conclusion that it is best to change things up.

FLUFF was a part of Liquid from the moment we started a Dota team. With that he played an instrumental role in putting our organization on the map. I will always be thankful for that. I’ll never forget those guys and the crazy upset when they beat LGD in that phenomenal game, and they are forever a part of our history.

Given the way things played out him being under a lot of pressure was unavoidable, and the pressure he was under the past two weeks has been enormous. He carried the weight of fans, teammates, and Liquid on his back, and when things did not improve it got worse every day. Although I can’t agree with the way things were phrased in public, it’s undeniable it took a lot of courage.

Thanks for everything you have done.

Going forward we will be trying out several players. Time is short and there’s no room for mistakes anymore. We’re not giving up and still have a strong belief that the road ahead leads to TI4.[/blockquote]

The team has no time to lose if they wish to appear as a valid candidate for The International 4 as Valve is known to factor both team performance and stability in it’s decision to invite teams to The International. Thoughts, therefore, move immediately to the possible replacements for FLUFF. The prime choice appears to be Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho, who recently left Team Dog after a public question of the teams loyalty. This rumour is further reinforced by a typical Twitch confirmation by Liquid`Bulba that DeMoN will be playing with the team against cloud 9.


We wish the best of luck, both to Team Liquid and FLUFFNSTUFF.