Netolic Pro League Season 4 is back with a $15,000 prize pool for 8 teams to battle it out until one team emerges as the victor. Netolic season 3 winners Team Life will be coming back to defend their title and the competition is hotter than ever before.

The format of the competition is not unlike other competitions that we’re used to, with the teams first battling it out in a round-robin BO3 group stage before moving on to playoffs and ultimately the Grand Finals. However, Netolic will award an extra $1,000 to the top team of each week of the group stages, for a total of 5 weeks. This will ensure that the teams will take the competition seriously throughout it’s entirety. The competition will start in two days, on the 7th of October and group stages will run until the 10th of November. Playoffs will follow on the 16th until the finals are held on the 20th.

The teams competing in the competition are the following:

European Union
European Union Fnatic
European Union FlipQ
Russian Federation Team Empire
Russian Federation Virtus Pro
Denmark Team Life
United States of America(USA) Evil Geniuses
United States of America(USA) Dignitas

The prize pool will be split as follows:

1st Place – $6,000
2nd Place – $3,000
3rd Place – $1,000

with another $5,000 being awarded during the 5 weeks of group stages.

Viewers who buy the DotaTV ticket for the league can also expect to be rewarded with the addition of a new exclusive courier called Scotty The Pinguin pictured below.